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Funding Advice for Voluntary or Community Groups

Collette Watson is our Community Development Worker and is here to support and advise local voluntary and community groups with many issues connected with forming, building and running a local group.

Do you need help with any of the following?  Funding

  • Appointments to identify sources of funding
  • Advice on successful fundraising techniques
  • Guidance for completing application forms
  • Forming and building a voluntary group
  • Writing constitutions and policies
  • Working as a management committee
  • Forward planning

Current Funding available

December 2015

Alec Dickson Trust

The Alec Dickson Trusts supports young people who, through volunteering or community service, aim to enhance the lives of others, particularly those most marginalised by society.

Applications for grants, not normally in excess of £500, are invited from individuals aged 30 and under or from small groups of young people who believe their actions to be in pursuit of the aims of the Trust.

Deadline: Ongoing applications are accepted as the Trustees meet several times a year to discuss applications.


The People’s Health Trust

October 2015

Local groups and organisations with great ideas to make their communities even better places to live are invited to apply for funding to turn their ideas into reality.  Peoples Health Trust

Active Communities is a funding programme for community groups and not-for-profit organisations, with an income of less than £350,000 a year or an average of £350,000 over two years, seeking investment of between £5,000 and £50,000 for projects lasting up to two years. We’re looking for small and local projects, genuinely designed and run by local people. By small, we mean just a small group of people on an estate, in a few streets or villages.

We’re also looking for great ideas from communities of interest. By this we mean a group of people who have things in common and wish to come together to address something that is important to them. These ideas could be based in one neighbourhood, or cover a wider area.  

​Applying couldn’t be easier. It’s an online process with a step by step guide from start to finish. Please click here for more details.


The Derbyshire High Sheriff Fund

The Fund has 3 Key Strands
1. Improving people’s understanding of crime, alcohol, drug and solvent abuse. Addressing these social problems through educating communities and offering projects reducing the risks. The panel will prioritise projects targeting children and young people affected by these issues or at risk.  High Sheriff

  1. Projects that help create safer communities and help prevent crimes in neighbourhoods. There will be a particular focus on supporting young people to keep safe and providing solutions to anti-social behaviour.
  2. Consideration will also be given to projects and organisations, which the High Sheriff Fund panel, at their discretion, believes to be worthwhile. You can apply for up to a maximum of £1000. For more information, please visit  http://www.derbyshirehighsheriff.co.uk

Biffaward Small Grants

Often groups only need a small amount of money to make a difference to a local facility, be it a community building, nature reserve, cultural facility or outdoor space.  The Small Grants Scheme offers quicker access to lower levels of funding to make these projects happen.

Over the past three years Biffaward has supported nearly 300 small grants projects.
A large number of applications are received, resulting in strong competition when awarding funding.
You can apply for between £250 and £10,000. Your project must not cost more than £30,000 in total.
You will need to find a third party contributor(s) to provide 5% of the grant you are applying for. 
The main criteria are:  BiffaAward logo

  • The project’s site is within 10 miles of a Biffa operation (the
    proximity checker on website below  will tell you this); 
  • The project’s site is also within 10 miles of a landfill site (owned
    by any company); The project is eligible to be registered with ENTRUST under category D.  Please note that your organisation does not have to enrol with ENTRUST as an Environmental Body – they (RSWT) act as the Environmental Body for Small Grants projects.  (They will register the project for you with ENTRUST, but it does, of course, need to be eligible! );
  • There will be a minimum of 104 days of full public access to the
    project per year;
  • Any Biffaward grant will be used for site-based improvement work,
    not for equipment or running costs;
  • Biffaward is unable to fund retrospectively, so you should only apply for money for work that will take place in the future.

Biffaward also operate other schemes for larger projects.
Application Form: Available to download from the website below,
Deadline: Applications can be submitted at anytime
Contact: Biffaward, Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, The Kiln, Waterside, Mather Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1WT   Tel: 01636 670000     Email: biffaward@rswt.org
W:  www.biffa-award.org/small-grants-scheme

Please contact Collette Watson for more information on how she can help you on 01773 512076 or by emailing collettewatson@avcvs.org