Legacies and Donations

    Amber Valley CVS is a registered charity (Charity Registration Number 1102412) whose activity in the borough could be increased by your contributions. We would value any time you give to us as a volunteer, however if you wish to give in a different way, we do accept legacies and donations which can be identified in your Will.   We will not cold call or approach any individual directly by telephone or post but we are open to receiving your support if contacted by yourself, a family member, executor or solicitor. “Charity begins at home” is a well known phrase and we would  encourage you to look after your own family and friends who have supported you first and foremost. You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a donation, we will be grateful for any contribution.   How your Legacy or Donation will help somebody you know, friends, family or people who in Amber Valley; Your donation or legacy will be used by us to make your local community and people flourish in years to come. Please consider how a legacy to our local charity and organisation could be used to good effect;
  • we can go on recruiting volunteers… who feel useful, gain skills, confidence and sometimes jobs
  • we can go on recruiting volunteers
  • we can go on training  Befrienders and other volunteers…. giving an understanding of others
  • we can continue to visit elderly and isolated people to provide social conversation… reducing loneliness
  • we can maintain a staff team to clean and garden for those who wish to remain independent in their own home… providing a valuable, safe service
  • we can work in schools and colleges to tell the next generation about giving to their local community… making sure community spirit continues with the next generation
  • we can go on supporting local groups so they remain active and viable… so important in society
  • we can lobby health, social care and local government to keep our community buildings and improve community space… with the voice of communities at our heart
Please think of us when you plan a legacy or donation and contact Adele Atkinson or Lynn Allison on 01773 512076.   You may have questions about next steps, we can send you a FAQs sheet for you to read further

“My father had lots of family to help him but we want to donate so others can get help.”

“I received a great service from Help at Home staff for so many years, this is to show my appreciation.”