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In 2016, we conducted a piece of research into the availability and need for a paid for Befriending Service in Amber Valley.

The outcome was that people in Amber Valley were willing to pay for extended support and the flexibility of having a Befriender and being charged for the service. As well as offering our free Befriending Service, for which we rely upon volunteers to Befriend, we are pleased to announce that we now have our Bespoke Befriending Service as well!

What can a Bespoke Befriending Service offer?

  • Regular visits for sociable conversation
  • Provide companionship and support
  • Accompanied outings, e.g to a garden centre, coffee shop or to a local activity
  • Mental challenge of quizzes and games
  • Other degree of activities
  • We recruit both male and female staff, all of whom are DBS (police) checked and have regular supervision to ensure they are trustworthy and safe to enter your home and engage with you.
  • Days and time are dependent on staff availability

What is the charge? We charge £14.50 per hour.

What next? If you wish to pay for and use our Bespoke Befriending Service, we will:

  • Visit you and discuss your needs
  • Identify a Bespoke Befriending staff member responsive to your needs
  • Make arrangements for you and the Bespoke Befriender to meet at your home
  • Contact you and the Bespoke Befriender to ensure you are both happy with each other
  • Send you a letter confirming the date and time of your Bespoke Befrienders visit
  • Charge or invoice you for the service
We recognise that social isolation can occur for a variety of reasons and we will endeavour to respond to your circumstances.

For a friendly, informal chat, please contact Paul Clarke or Lynn Allison on 01773 512076 lynn@avcvs.org