Amber Valley CVS recognises that partnership activity is important in delivering a wide range of initiatives in Amber Valley. Partnerships form and reform to meet government agendas and local need. Organisations involved in those partnerships need to be a mixture of statutory organisations and groups or organisations from the voluntary sector.
Amber Valley CVS is often asked to attend partnership meetings, sometimes this links directly with work we carry out and sometimes it is to be a voice for the sector. While it is a core function of CVS organisations to have a representative role, we always identify other groups from the sector where close involvement would be beneficial.
Currently, representatives from Amber Valley CVS attend the Derbyshire Partnership forum, Health and Well Being Board, Amber Valley Locality Health Partnership, Safer Communities Board , Children & Young people Locality meeting and ward based Connecting Communities events. We hope to gather information from this wide variety of sources to inform you through this website, meetings we have with you,through our regular e-bulletin (Subscribe here) and quarterly newsletter.
Local Meetings
Amber Valley CVS also encourages network meetings and partnership work between voluntary sector groups through a number of forums or events arranged by us to engage with voluntary and community groups, such as ;
Connect 4 / Health & Social Care forum; Regular meetings of groups with an interest in Health and Social Care , a forum organised with partners South Derbyshire CVS , Erewash CVS, Derbyshire Dales CVS
Volunteer Organisers: forum for those in local organisations managing volunteers.
Community Development Workers Network Meeting: bi-annual event for front line community workers.
3D Third Sector Support for Derbyshire: quarterly meeting of CVS and Volunteer Centres providing infrastructure support 
Heanor Inter-Agency meeting The aim of the Heanor Inter-Agency meeting is to give an opportunity for all community groups to exchange information , ideas and local intelligence at a regular meeting forum.
We urge you to see this as a first step in engagement within Amber Valley and join us in person at future events.  

Call Lynn on 01773 512076 for more information.